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Art for me is first and foremost a way of life.


Whether through music, photography, painting, or any other art form that I'm exploring, I strive to express and communicate feelings and ideas. I graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia where I studied voice. After a long career as an opera singer, I began to channel my creative energy into the visual art world. I believe music and art are closely related-- many aspects of visual expression exist in musical expression.

I later studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and discovered jewelry design, photography, and most recently, painting. I use color and form to express feeling, rhythm, harmony, atmosphere, and beauty, and love to explore and play through my creative process. 

My art has been in galleries in the US and internationally. I live and create in Shaker Heights, OH. 

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My work process


Artists are encouraged by art curators to find their own style. Usually it causes many artists to narrow their field of expression and work in one genre, stick to the same subject matters, and use one specific medium and a limited color palette. I find this approach to be very contradictory to the natural creative spirit that seeks to explore and express itself in a myriad of ways. As you can see on this website, I find myself creating in different genres, subject matters, and mediums. All of them intrigue me and I simply cannot limit my inner voice to adhere to the same kind of expression over and over again.

I love working with watercolors. I adore their luminosity, transparency, and the unexpected way they flow and dry on paper. Working with watercolors requires a combination of advance planning, decision making, and then letting go and literally "flowing" with the interaction of the pigments with the water. There is always a part that paints itself. I love that quality and revel at the beautiful surprises it creates in a painting.

As for subject matter, I am fascinated and inspired by the beauty of the natural world as well as by the mystery and complexity of the inner world. I turn to oil paint when I am trying to "fish" out a memory, or go on an intense emotional journey, because it is a slower process for me. It allows me to revisit the painting as much as I need to, and the intense energy of oil paint helps me to deal with more intense emotional subject matters.


I also love to use photography to look at the world differently. The macro lens is my favorite. It exposes the smallest details that we usually don't see with the naked eye. I am drawn to create abstract compositions from organic materials like plants, fibers, paper, food, and water in combination with interesting textures and other materials. The options are really endless. 

I am compelled to create and I would probably do it even if I would be in some cave on a remote planet. But one of my greatest joys is to know that my work is reaching the hearts and minds of people and brings them joy.  


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